Saturday, April 30, 2011

Proactive Toner Review

Product name: Revitalizing Toner
Product company: Proactiv Solutions
Overall Rating: 94%
Price: $19.95 including cleanser and repairing treatment
Pros: contains glycolic acid, great chemical exfoliant, very effective, get results quickly, fades acne scars, smells good, great price if you buy the 3-step system, my favorite toner of all time (i have 6 at the moment and prefer this one by a landslide).
Cons: you have to order it with the whole set, unless you buy it in a kiosk at a mall but then it will cost WAY more/

This is the toner that I have been using for the past months or so. I had severe acne before I went on proactive. I started when my acne was at it's worst and getting worse. I had tried so many different things to treat my acne but I decided it was time to go on proactive. Let me tell you something; currently, I have the best skincare routine I've ever had in my whole life. I don't only use proactive products, but they are the main ones I use. This toner is pretty amazing if you ask me. The reason people use and need toners is because after you wash your face, your skin's Ph level is distorted. Ph levels tell how alkaline acidic something is and your skin should have a balance of somewhere in between (about 5 on a scale of 14). When you wash your face, your Ph level changes, striping your skin of it's natural defenses and making it more susceptible to damage and bacteria from the environment. This is where toner comes in handy. Toning restores your skin back to its natural Ph level therefore protecting your face from worsening.
It's hard to prove that the toner does this but I believe it does work. Also toner removes any excess face wash, makeup, dirt, or dead skin cells that are left on your face after washing. This is one thing that amazes me every time I use the proactive toner because you can literally see everything its removed on the cotton pads I use to apply it. Most of the toners I've used don't have this same result, so I know that the proactive toner is better in this way.
However, the main thing about the toner that impresses me is that it contains glycolic acid. It is essential to exfoliate your skin, and if the exfoliant is gentle enough you should do it daily. Some dermatologists recommend chemical exfoliants rather than physical exfoliants because they dissolve off the dead skin without you scrubbing at your face and risking irritating your skin. I would say that glycolic acid is probably the most recommended active ingrediant for this. One thing that I don't like is that it is very hard for me to find any skincare products with glycolic acid in them so I was ecstatic when I found out that this toner contains some. The toner does a very good job at chemically exfoliating because I have noticed a big improvement in my skin an that my acne scars are fading away much faster. I am pretty much in love with this toner. Another great thing is that you get results very quickly with this. Just make sure you use it twice a day, consistently and never skip a use!
I like the smell of proactive products so that's always a good thing. Also the packaging is amazing because a bunch of toners I've had have a screw-off top that exposes a pretty wide hole that you have to get the product out of, but this toner is in a bottle with a very small opening that you can squirt exactly how much product you need through it. This eliminates the mess and hassle of larger openings.
Overall, I love this toner and would repurchase it. In fact, I am repurchasing it because mine is half-way gone already and I don't think I can live without it! Okay we all know I can but I really do love this toner.

Recommend? YES! 
I recommend this product for everyone who wants nice, healthy, smooth, glowing, clean skin. If you don't have acne I still highly recommend this product!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Proactive Cleanser Review

This is currently the facial cleanser I am using. It's called the Proactive Renewing Cleanser, and it's active ingrediant is benzoyl peroxide. I love this cleanser so much, and I'll tell you why. First off, it has dramatically improved my skin. I had seriously bad breakouts and terrible acne. Now I get way fewer breakouts, and when I do they are much smaller. My acne is finally under control!
I think the benzoyl peroxide in this product is one of the main reasons this has worked so well for me. The other part of the product that is amazing is the exfoliating granuals. These are great because they do a fantastic job as a daily exfoliant. Since I do use face wash morning and night every day, I can't have anything that is too harsh, but I do want something with some exfoliating properties. There are so many granuals in the wash that you feel like you are doing a good job getting rid of all the dead skin and it makes your face feel so clean. Most exfoliating washes aren't as packed with exfoliating particles as this one which makes the product really stand out.
Lastly, I have to mention the packaging, smell, and price. The packaging gets an A from me because it's simple yet chic. For some reason I really love Proactive's containers. One very useful feature is the top because it has a small hole and you squeeze the bottle to get out it's content, and it's so easy and lets you control exactly how much comes out. I think this is probably the best way to dispense a cleanser (and the other products that have the same top as this one) and it makes sure you don't waste any of it. The smell is somehow appealing to me in my own twisted way. I'm not sure why but it smells professional and soothing in a way. The price is just another good thing I can mention about this face wash. You can order it for a monthly subscription for $19.95 (basically 20 bucks) and only pay shipping every 3 months. This price includes the facewash, toner, treatment, mask, and a small sample. I think this is probably one of the best prices I've ever seen for skincare, especially for something so high quality and effective.
Overall, I absolutely love this cleanser, and I'm so excited because I'm going to get a subscription because I've used about half of the set up. I highly recommend this product for anyone with or without acne, but if you do have acne, this is a must-have!