Thursday, November 3, 2011

EOS Lip Balms (Review)

Product name: EOS Lip Balm
Product company: EOS (Evolution of Smoothe)
Overall Rating: 78%
Price: around $3.00
Pros: cute, colorful, innovative design
Cons: big and chunky, can't fit into pockets, not as moisturizing as other lip balms
Available: Ulta, some grocery stores,
More info on this product:

I'm sure just about everyone has seen these new egg-shaped lip balms around somewhere, whether it be on YouTube, in a local grocery store, or in a beauty supply store. The first place I heard about then was on YouTube, and they have been a huge success there! Just about every single beauty guru out there has one, but the question is, why? In short, the answer to that question, is because they're cute! That is the main reason people buy EOS lip balms. There are no other lip balm companies out there that make cute spherical, egg-shaped lip balms in adorable colors. I would consider these lip balms as more of a decoration than a resource to keep lips hydrated. I bought one in mint to see what all the fuss was about. I have been using lip balm by the brand Chapstick for years, and in comparison, Chapsticks have a much more moisturizing formula. They go on easily and hydrate well, and in comparison, EOS lip balms are not that moisturizing. They work okay, but you could easily do much better with a $1 Chapstick than a $3 EOS.
In addition, some of the EOS lip balms also have an odd smell to them. My sister has the red one and the green melon one, and they both have a weird waxy smell to them. Only some of them are like this, and once you are wearing it, the smell goes away. The lemon and mint ones smell good though. My mint one smells like mint and even makes your lips tingle like other minty lip balms do. It has an average amount of moisturizing ability just like the others, and it's adorable like the others.

Overall, EOS lip balms are not the best moisturizers, but I like using mine. I love the fact that it makes my lips tingle and it's basically an accessory. I will repurchase my mint one when it runs out, mostly because it's cute and minty, but also because the others don't smell as good or tingle. I am also going to buy a lemon one because it smells really good and it's also cute. These are the only two I would recommend buying, and the only two I will buy. I bring mine to school because everyone thinks its adorable and it's fun to play with when I am bored in class.

Would I recommend this? sometimes (depending on which flavor)
Who would I recommend it to: everyone

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