Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pink and Silver Crackle Nails!

Hey guys! I painted my nails about 10 minutes ago using two brands I have never used before, and it turned out amazingly, so I decided to share them with you all! Here's what the nails look like:

Here's what I did:
The nail polishes I used were:
1) Sally Hansen's Base and Top Coat
2) Confetti's Fashonista
3) Pure Ice Crackle in Lightning Strikes
It only took 3 nail polishes and 4 simple steps to achieve this nail look. Here's what I did:
Step 1: Apply base coat (nail polish #1).
Step 2: Paint an even layer of your pink nail polish (nail polish #2), and add another coat if necessary (I only used one coat).
Step 3: Quickly make an even layer of your silver crackle nail polish (nail polish #3) on each nail. You can only make one coat, so make it thick enough, but not too thick that it won't crack.
Step 4: When your nails are done crackling, and dry, apply another layer of your clear nail polish. You can use a different polish than the one you used before, but mine (nail polish #1) is a top coat and base coat in one, so I used it again.

Now you're done. Enjoy your nails!

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